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HEART-MET: Healthcare Robotics Technologies Competition
2nd - 5th October 2022
ICRA 2023 METRICS HEART-MET: Physically Assisstive Robot Challenge
May 29th - June 1st 2023
Adrian Vecina Tercero
Role: Team Captain
Description: Hello! I'm Adrian, and I've been leading the RoboNotts team since it's inception two years ago! I focus on keeping the team organized, as well as helping out on all sides of development! Aside from robotics I love cooking and TTRPGs!
Contact:, Linkedin
Amber Swarbrick
Role: Robot Manipulation
Description: I'm a Computer Science Undergraduate at the University of Nottingham, currently working on Manipulation for Happy. Outside of RoboNotts, I am also working on developing an autonomous combat robot, focusing mostly on the machine learning and computer vision aspects: I am interested in the use of memory and prediction in developing strategy for robotics. I have also worked on integrating the use of brain data with robotics, to create a "Brain Controlled Robot Painting"!
Daudi Wampamba
Role: Lead Developer
Description: Currently working on rebuilding the base code for our competition robot, mostly by rewriting the base in Rust. I enjoy going to Pub quizzes and attending hackathons, mostly focusing on hardware based hacks ✨
Contact:, Linkedin
Aditya Bhagvatula
Role: ML and Computer Vision
Description: Second year student, robotics novice challenging myself by doing Facial, Gesture, Object and Body recognition for the first time. Eager to learn and contribute to the team, driven by my fascination for ML and HCI.
Contact:, Linkedin
Ellis Duncalfe
Role: Human-Robot Interaction
Description: I've never tried robotics before but thought, why not give it a go, especially when the rest of the team seem so cool!
Contact:, Linkedin
Eva Davis
Role: Navigation
Description: Hi, I'm Eva, a 3rd Year Computer Science student. I have an interest in robotics and am currently building an underwater drone for my dissertation! I'll be helping to develop the navigation for Happy. :)
Contact:, Linkedin
Nathan Burgess
Role: Navigation
Description: 3rd Year Computer Science BSc Hons Currently developing a mixed reality system to integrate war-gaming rules digitally to a physical tabletop using OpenCV. Interested in DevOps
Nishi Shishir
Role: Machine Learning and Computer Vision + Marketing Communications Officer
Description: Being a 2nd year Computer Scientist interested in Robotics, my main aim is to currently get our robot competition ready, as well as ensuring he reaches internet stardom (currently a work in progress). My hobbies include reading the worst literature written in existence, as well as compulsively raging at any video game I play!, Linkedin
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